lundi 31 janvier 2011

Calvin & Hobbes

The Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine Fantastic ! Type down a word, any word and see what calvin and hobbes have to offer you . I very much like that "Valentine Susie" strip :) 

The wolves

vendredi 28 janvier 2011

Parrot Fever

Since i told S. about the Parrot cup, how cute they were, i had to take S. to Café SingBlackBird to see them live :) i very much like the place, i like to go there from time to time.  After going to the turkish market, we went there to warm up a little bit while having a nice coffee, and checking the second hand shop. Also we finally bought our tickets for the Wu lyf / Mit concerts next week !!

jeudi 27 janvier 2011

Görlitzer Park

Little bit of snow. again. Berlin.

Holy Luminous Sea Creatures !

Don't ask me why, but i had those memories coming up to my mind yesterday and i thought i d like to write a little post about it.  There are a few rare experiences in life in which the emotional content is outside logic or a sense of reality, one of them is swimming with phosphorescent phytoplanktonImagine the scene... (i don't have any pictures, it was back then, i was 16 or so, and nope .. i did not carry any camera at night, so i took some pics from the internet) It was in August, i was spending my holidays on the Coast, Northern France, Bray-Dunes. Back then i did lots of windsurfing, so i had a bunch of friends who with we'd often hang out at the Sailing Club, where we also had lots of parties. So it was one of those nights, where you drink, dance, laugh etc .. and then around 1 or 2 in the morning you decide to go for a swim. It was low tide, so we had to walk pretty much, and as we reached the humid sand, at each step the sand would start to glow .. leaving neon blue footprints ..  I mean we were in the total darkness, trying to follow each other on our way to the water. We had no clue what was going on. None of us had ever seen glow-in-the-dark plankton before. Every footstep in the damp sand sends a ring of blue light expanding outward. Each wave is a fluorescent blue tube.   Up close, the glow sparkles blue points; the individual planktic.  Of course, we had to go swimming... We all run into the Sea making huge blue sparkles, that was just Crazy. We could not see each others faces, it was way too dark, we'd just see blue lines in the sea. Our bodies were outlined in blue light. As soon as we stopped moving, it went all dark again. So basically we then continiously flapped around. We put the glowing water on our arms, hair .. and waved in the air. Those bioluminescent plankton are called dinoflagellates. After a while jumping around in the blue water we went back home, we had a plastic bottle in which we took some seawater .. we shook the bottle from time to time on our way back to illuminate the way .. It was a beautiful unexpected experience. It was just Fantastic. That was the one and only time i experienced it. Next day we went back .. but no more funny plankton .. 

mardi 25 janvier 2011

My addiction

WU LYF-spitting it concrete like the golden sun god from LUCIFER YOUTH FOUNDATION on Vimeo.

WU LYF : I am totally addicted to that sound. No one at home, i just turn it on LOUD. and enjoy .. again .. and again ... And good news .. they'll be playing live in Berlin 4th of February ... voilà. 

lundi 24 janvier 2011

Happy Birthday La Fla !

Finally my postal package arrived at La Fla in Paris ... !! Happy Birthday darling !! Love you !!  The package consisted of ..  some special lighters edition : "Kreuzberg 36", then a tiny Jägermeister bottle (well the usual stuff from berlin in a way) a Milk foam maker (as La Fla loses it every year ), an unused Paris Metro ticket of mine ;) a cute card from R.S.V.P shop where i went HERE  and 2 bags, a black one and one from the famous Do You Read Me shop . Hope you liked your gifts Mademoiselle, kisskuss !!     !!

Sick but Happy !

Waw .. that is what i call a Good Surprise ! so .. i got a sms from J. that i shall open my apartment door carefully. So i go to the door, but also kind of scared :) .. like "what the hell is behind my door ? " .. so i go very carefully and find a Lafayette bag hanging at my door handle. Felt like Christmas to open that big bag .. where i found : lemon, clementines, oliv bread sticks, mint tea, french cookies, and a Anna Gavalda book (in french !!! haha). Thanks J. ! Merci merci beaucoup .. fantastic surprise, cheered me up so much .. ain't that bad to be sick after all .. ;) 

Make it healthy

Mondays usually suck .. but even more when sick. So this morning (even if out of strengh) i grabbed coat / bonnet / scarf / gloves .. and went in the cold cold snowy berlin to go to the pharmacy. The lady there was pretty nice but i don't know why she insisted on the fact that i should not drink any alcohol. 'ja, ja M'am, i won't'. But then she kept insisting 'no alcohol, no party tonight'. ?? Did i look that fucked up to her .. ?? anyway .. the only drink i'll have today is some Aspirin (youhou!) Tea .. and all that boring crap. Happy Monday ! :)

dimanche 23 janvier 2011

Sunday mood

Coffee and Walk. Friedrichshain.

Sunday little walk around the Fleamarket in Friedrichshain where i found a vase (finally!), then coffee and carrot cake with S. and A. Easy Peasy as i like to call it.