samedi 31 décembre 2011

Late Christmas

Back in Paris, celebrated a great-great-late-little Christmas with T. Enjoyed some nice coffee in the cute cups i brought from Berlin. Lovely wrapping paper for lovely little presents = HappyHappyHappy!

mercredi 21 décembre 2011

mardi 20 décembre 2011

jeudi 1 décembre 2011

Foggy Paris

1st of December, grey, foggy, cold. The best you can do is be at home, drink coffee, be lazy ... ahh i wish i could be lazy :) also i wish that instead of my books i could have a real fireplace! i just can't imagine how people use to use that fireplace back then, in such small appartements, would totally freak me out, would be afraid of burning the whole place down! It is nice to have a fireplace anyway... makes me feel in a countryside house :)