mardi 26 juillet 2011

Soleil !!

   Ahhhhhhh .. Finally !! Sunshine !! Iced Coffee !! Friends !!  Good mood !! Happy !! Merci !!

dimanche 24 juillet 2011

Bon Dimanche.

One long sunday afternoon ... no plans .. just went to SingBlack Bird, had one .. two nice coffees, as usual, chatting with friends, reading a bit, etc. It felt like some Automn day .. rather fresh, so it was not too bad after all to spend most of the day indoors. Later on D. made some great mixed plates for us .. so green ! and very delicious with great guacamole .. I did not really planned on staying there the whole day, but i met new people, we ended up talking for a while, and before you know it, it was 8 and D. was closing the café. Then we walked a bit, got some fresh air, went for a last drink in Kreuzberg, was really nice ... i like those kind of sundays. 

mercredi 20 juillet 2011

Distortion -

mardi 19 juillet 2011

dimanche 17 juillet 2011

Just another sunday.

We went to play MiniGolf at Tempelhof, it was extremely hot & windy .. kites all around in the sky, and us .. trying to make something good out of that mini golf game :) we then cycled through the park/airport and went to Club der Visionäre to enjoy some cool beers by the water. Just felt like another easy sunday ... 

Au lac /Berlin

One beautiful summer day outside of Berlin.