dimanche 29 mai 2011


The Spreepark was an entertainment park in the north of the Plänterwald in Berlin, it opened in 1969 and had to close down in 2002 and the area was allowed to fall into disrepair. But now, over the weekend the park opens its doors again, so i cycled there with D. since we never checked the place. We were both really amazed, first it is a really big area (29.5 hectares) and then to see all those old attractions left since years, with plants and grass growing all over .. it was really great to walk through the whole parc and discover the different corners .. some with dinosaurs, swans .. :) Last night was pretty crowded, also there were concerts and the big bonfire. It was amazing!

vendredi 27 mai 2011


Yesterday a 250-kilogramme British World War II bomb was found in the Spree by the Oberbaumbrücke. So basically the whole district (Kreuzberg) faced a massive evacuation. I was told my building was evacuated too. After work i cycled home, and indeed there was a line one could not cross. Then around 18h45 they opened it, and it was really weird to cycle there, looked like a dead aera, with nearly no cars, no human beings .. I was the first one to enter my street .. was pretty quiet. Later on that same day, i went to that open space by the water by the bridge, it was extremely warm and the sky was changing every 2 seconds .. so we could enjoy some great light, and also a complete double rainbow. 

dimanche 22 mai 2011


samedi 21 mai 2011

Tarte Tatin !

Once again I spent the afternoon at SingBlackBird Café, for lunch i tried the Mess Bowl (1st pic) .. very tasty and super healthy. Then D. asked me for some "french pie" recipe .. first nothing came to my mind, but then i remembered the Tarte Tatin !! so i ended up looking for the orginal recipe on the internet, i even found a website called "www.tarte-tatin.info" :) shortly after we were making THE pie .. it is quite a long preparation .. but oh god ! that was worth it !! once the Tarte ready, we prepared ourselves nice plates with some vanilla ice cream and went to the front terasse .. Heaven :) for a first try we did very well. everybody who tried it could only compliment on our french pie, which made D. and i pretty proud of our job. ;)

mercredi 18 mai 2011

Nowhere to go

Sick at home.

mardi 17 mai 2011

Görlitzer Str. 52

Grey day in Berlin. But still, one can fin some colours in the city. Headed to Café Nest to work on my University application .. I like the place and its big wooden tables, i used to go there in the winter pretty often, back then to work on job applications. I never manage to get any work done from home, always find some other stuff to do .. 

Young Dreams

Young Dreams from Young Dreams on Vimeo.

dimanche 15 mai 2011

Salon Schmück

Sunday breakfast at Salon Schmück .. that reminded me of the old time with LaFla .. we'd go there in the summer .. and have long and enjoyable breakfasts on the terasse .. Today the weather was not that great, but sitting outside was still okay .. with a big warm sweater :) and a warm coffee !