mardi 28 juin 2011

Horizon /Berlin

Kreuzberg in the sun

dimanche 26 juin 2011

Hey, that's my bike !

Today the monthly fleamarket took place at Sing BlackBird, it was quite busy, clothes, shoes, accessories everywhere. And today i got to take my new bike for a first ride ! i really like my bike, it is fucked up, pretty used, not the kind of bike you want to steal (i guess!). Somehow i like it more than my other more expensive and fancy holland bikes .. it is just like my "little buddy" that will take me anywhere for the summer. Oh, and today i wore J's socks that i borrow the other day .. they are soo comfy and cute... :) 

lundi 13 juin 2011


dimanche 5 juin 2011


Another sunny day perfect for a bike tour .. well that one was really loooong and quite exhausting because of the heat and also the cycling up to the top of the Müggel hill .. The cycling through the woods was really beautiful and then refreshing because of the tree shadows :) i had really no idea where we were going to .. i could not feel my legs anymore, we have been cycling around 70 km over the weekend .. so anyway, when we arrived on top of the tour .. the view was just amazing ! a full panorama of the whole surrounding of Berlin, and one could even see the Fernsehturm (i did a big zoom on the pic though). It was really great. Then we cycled (again) to the lake, first swim for me this year, then we just lay down in the sun. Later on we cycled (again and again) back to Berlin, going via some great little places along the water .. on our way back we went through a little summer rain .. perfect to cool down a bit :)