vendredi 30 juillet 2010

Jeziersky & von Holleben

Last week, la Fla and I went to the Vernissage of the collaborative works by Jan von Holleben and Michelle Jezierski at the Pool gallery in Berlin. This is the first exhibition of works by Jezierski and von Holleben, an experiment combining photography with painting, the juxtaposition of reality and surrealism. I really enjoyed their work, we could also get a big poster, which will perfectly fit in my new room :)


He's never where he's at He's drifting off, in thought Got something unsolved, he never shares And she said he's been too long time, too long time on his own He used to make you catch the moment And take you home to watch the ___ He only takes and feeds his lowest needs Looks into a book he doesn't read She said he spent too long time on his own He used to want you to be close He's never where he's at Tell him you're there, whenever he shows up.

mercredi 28 juillet 2010

Tempelhof Airport Berlin

The other day a friend and i went to explore the Tempelhof Airport, i had never been there and i must say it is pretty impressive, so huge, so huge ..  we could cycle all around, on the runways, that was weird at first, but then fun, because of so much space. 

Here a little bit of history :
The site of the airport was originally Knights Templar land in medieval Berlin, and from this beginning came the name Tempelhof. Later, the site was used as a parade field by Prussian forces, and by unified German forces from 1720 to the start of World War I. In 1909, FrenchmanArmand Zipfel made the first flight demonstration in Tempelhof, followed by Orville Wright later that same year. Tempelhof was first officially designated as an airport on 8 October 1923. Lufthansa was founded in Tempelhof on 6 January 1926.
The old terminal, originally constructed in 1927, received politicians and celebrities from around the world during the 1930s. As part of Albert Speer's plan for the reconstruction of Berlin during the Nazi era, Prof. Ernst Sagebiel was ordered to replace the old terminal with a new terminal building in 1934. The airport halls and the neighbouring buildings, intended to become the gateway to Europe and a symbol of Hitler's "world capital" Germania, are still known as the largest built entities worldwide, and have been described by British architect Sir Norman Foster as "the mother of all airports". With its façades of shell limestone, the terminal building, built between 1936 and 1941, forms a 1.2 kilometre long quadrant. Passengers walk through customs controls to the reception hall. 
Tempelhof Airport closed all operations on 30 October 2008, despite the efforts of some protesters to prevent the closure. 
So now it is basically a huge parc, with some bbq areas, people cycling, kids playing with kites, dogs running ... well .. there is NO tree whatesoever .. so you don't want to go there when it is really hot. i guess ..

lundi 19 juillet 2010


Lazy monday afternoon. Sitting on the floor, drinking coffee, reading my french book, and eating some delicious dutch biscuits. That's some quality time  ! :-)

dimanche 18 juillet 2010

vendredi 16 juillet 2010

Funny ice cream

Last evening we went for a little walk and ice cream in Prenzlauerberg. I decided to give it a try and took  a scoop of "orange carrot" and another of mango.  That was kind of funny, i guess any kind of "vegetable" icecream taste funny .. 80 cents one scoop .. that is also why i love berlin so much ;-)

mercredi 14 juillet 2010

A Fading Rainbow

Merci P. for sending me the song this morning, i love it and have not heard it in a loooong time ! Here more of Jenny Wilson.

lundi 12 juillet 2010

Berlin Friday Evening

Friday evening i cycled through Berlin as i was meeting up with a friend in Kreuzberg. So i had to cross the Spree and took then the bridge Oberbaumbrücke .. what was my surprise when i saw this amazing sky !! i had to stop a sec and take a picture. S. and I ended up drinking cool beers on the bridge while enjoying the view, it was still very warm, it was a beautiful evening, just like i love them.

lundi 5 juillet 2010

Give me some fresh air !

It is way to warm to do anything. I feel totally powerless with this heat. I just lay down on my bed, stare at the ceiling and listen to Mitch Careless. I have plenty of stuff to do but my brain is too slow. I need some fresh air !

dimanche 4 juillet 2010

Rice Bowls !

Saturday evening i went with a few friends to YamYam restaurant, we sat outside until late, enjoyed some delicious food and a beautiful evening. I had the dish 9.a and i just loved it ! you should give it a try if around in Berlin !

samedi 3 juillet 2010

Swimming in Berlin

Yesterday was a perfect day to go to the lake, so we took our bikes and cycled about half an hour to the north of berlin to the Flughafen See. When we arrived we just jumped directly into the cold water, and then swam to the other side of the lake. We then had a little break, read a book, had some watermelon, lied down in the sun. Later in the afternoon we walked up the hill and enjoyed the view for quite a while. That was a lovely day, I am really Happy of being finally back in Berlin. I love it here, it makes me really happyhappyhappy !