mercredi 28 septembre 2011

Passenger Espresso

One of the best coffee i had so far in Berlin, in the Oppelnerstr. 45, it is a very tiny Café called  Passenger Espresso. I think i passed by that place about a thousand of times and never realized there was a Café .. until i have been told about it, and that i should definitely try it. So i went there yesterday, and today .. and will probably do so again tomorrow :) Plus it is soooo close to my flat, great little discovery!!

mardi 27 septembre 2011

Wrangelstr. Berlin

I am not so sure of the name of the place,(wrangelstraßencafe ?) it is anyway located at the end of the Wrangelstr, close to the Skalitzerstr. It is a tiny Café with great great great sandwiches and coffees. Perfect for a little savoury break!

lundi 26 septembre 2011

On Top/ Berlin




dimanche 18 septembre 2011

Picknick on the roof

Back in Berlin/ Back at Sing Blackbird

Back in Berlin, did not tell anyone really .. so the other day i went surprise my friend D. at her café, Sing Blackbird. Was funny to see her face when i came in :) Ahhhh it is good to be back "home" ... i enjoyed a very nice coffee and a delicious chocolate cake!

Konica Pop

About a year ago i went through my grandmother's stuff, and i found a camera called Konica Pop. I somehow never had the chance to use it as i had left it in my friend's cellar in Paris, but a month ago she brought me the camera to Berlin (merci LaFla!). Finally i could give it a try, i was not even sure the camera worked. Well now i know it does work. but i must say when i picked up my pictures at the photo store the other day i was not so happy at first about the colors, it is super bright! and sometimes very dark! But now that i got a bit used to it i like them .. so i think i will use that camera again :)