mardi 26 avril 2011

Boxhagener Platz & Görlitzer Park

Long Easter weekend, C. came over to Berlin, we had 4 fantastic days, very very warm and sunny. So plenty of time to cycle around, check nice places, make barbecue, have ice cream, chill in the parc, go out etc. On sunday C and i went to the fleamarket at Boxhagener Platz, then had a very good ice cream at Wühlischstr. 31 (the cheesecake ice cream was delicious). Later on we went with S. to Görlitzer park, it was a huge mess, with thousands of families/friends making barbecue .. we just had bought some nuts at a turkish shop around the corner, then beers and enjoyed the sun until it disappeared. Most of the pics i made this weekend, were with the yashica camera ... so have to wait a bit until i can developp the pics :)

mercredi 20 avril 2011


So .. finally got the film developped from the Yashica camera i borrowed from F.   Yeah ... i was too lazy to read the instructions how to use the camera, i guess one can tell ! it is nearly always out of focus, blurry and so on .. Ahahah .. well first try .. makes pics look "interesting" .. yeah .. "interesting" hehe. 

dimanche 17 avril 2011


Perfect sunny weather in Berlin for a little ride to Treptower Park. We first stopped at a fleamarket on the way and found out this huge "Chairs Cemetery", a very funny/strange place .. we drove then further to the park and went to the Insel der Jugend, chilling in the sun. Easy easy sunny sunny sunday.


I finally found a bike, (and i LOVE it !!) and saturday was the first time i went with it for a real bike tour in the city. I discovered new places in Berlin (which gave me a good feeling: the city can still surprise me). We drove along the water, then found this lovely little corner which a bench, chairs, table. Then we stopped at the TadschikischeTeestube where you take your shoes off, sit on the carpets and enjoy a tee, or a soup.  Then we stopped at the opening of the new shop YUU, in Mitte. Then a little break at a cemetery/park directly in the center of the city, and finally meeting up with the girls for a little rosé apéritif by the water. Also i got a "late" present for my birthday, the book "Lila dit ça", already started reading it, perfect for sunny days in the park ! So Voilà, that was it pretty much, well .. summarized ;)

samedi 16 avril 2011


Last evening, K. and I went to a little event in Berlin, and there we got to try the new berliner beer, called BIER. I like that they don't have a name neither a logo (they also have another drink, weinschorle, called .. na ja .. called WEINSCHORLE). I never saw that beer before, i am kind of curious to see if it is gonna be everywhere in Berlin this summer .. parks .. vernissages .. biergarten ... I'll keep you posted !

Les Fleurs de K.

For my birthday K. offered me a lovely bunch of flowers, from the shop Tausend Schön in Berlin, Mitte (where i also bought flowers in January .. see post Here) The flowers are beautiful, they look like K. just picked them in the countryside. I like to make pictures of flowers, because as we know they don't last, but here they get some digital life for eternity ;)